The Vineyard

Our vineyard is made of the most noble grape varieties from the Côtes-du-Rhône Appellation.

•    The Grenache grape variety is the king of the Southern Rhône Valley, and expresses itself to its full potentiel under the hot rays of the sun. It brings to the wine a bouquet of red fruits, the body, the alcoohol and the finest aromas which develop when maturing.

•    The Syrah grape variety with its deep garnet colour and its wild aromas.

•    The Mourvèdre grape variety, with its great aromatic potential. The high aromas quality improves with age.

•    The Carignan grape variety brings colour, tannins and body.

•    The Cinsault grape variety brings freshness and an exceptionnel fineness of its noble and fruity aromas.

The vineyard, run in the traditional way in reasoned cultivation, covers 87 acres.The diversity of the soil made up of siliceous schists, clay and limestone slopes and sandy depressions vouches for the richness of the land and its personality earning it the Côtes du Rhône Village Communal appellation which is the legitimate award for a history of wine making in the respect of a tradition attached to quality and reputation.

The most noble grape varieties used for the making of the Côtes du Rhône appellation are represented in the vineyard. The Grenache, predominant in the blend, expresses itself to the full on this soil burnt by the sun it brings to the vintages : tanin, body, alcool and the finest aromas that develop during the aging process. It is allied in moderate quantities with Syrah for the colour and wild aromas, Cinsault for refinment and fruit, Mourvèdre and Carignan.
Domaine Gigondan