Côtes du Rhône Villages Saint Pantaléon les Vignes red 13°5

Terroir :The Estate’s selective areas of great age : 50 to 60 years old on an  exceptional

Land: a mixture of clay, limestone and sandy hollows are favorable for ageing  wine which permit to reach balance and harmony.

Grape variety: 70% Grenache - 20% Mouvèdre - 10% Syrah

Vinification: Hand-picked harvest when the grapes are fully matured, with natural alcoohol content, vinified and raised according to our ancestrals

methods: Long and slow maceration, 25 to 28 days; Temperatures controled at 24°. 2 years of maturing in concrete vats to preserve and refine the fruitness, the softness and the originality of the taste and to build its fine tannic structure, helping the ageing process.

Tasting: Ruby coloured with wild red fruit and woodland aromas, supple, easy to drink long and straightforward in your mouth. Perfect balance, roundness and complexity at the same time with a pretty and pleasant final taste which will enchant your palate.

The winemaker’s advice: It will marvellously accompagny your red meats, lamb roasts, small game and dried cheeses.

To drink now but can be kept 6 to 8 years. Open  2 to 3 hours before drinking at room temperature.

Amount available : Vintage 2004:  8 000 bottles
                          Vintage 2005: 10 000 bottles
Estimation for        Vintage 2006: 30 000 bottles


Domaine Gigondan